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Mighty Angwech and Other Stories

Threestone Productions in partnership with Ibua Publishing is proud to publish “Mighty Angwech and Other Stories”, a children’s book collection by author, Christine Butegwa. The collection contains three story books of female legends from Ugandan folklore.

“The #Mighty Angwech” is a labour of love that has been in the works for the last ten years. I’m happy to have worked with Ibua Publishing and Threestone Productions over the past 2 years to finally publish hard-copies of the 2nd edition with thrilling, contemprorary, afro-centric illustrations”, says Christine Butegwa, author of the Mighty Angwech and Other Stories.



“Mighty Angwech and Other Stories” dive deeper into the adventures of three Ugandan female legends: Mighty Angwech, Courageous Nakku and Curious Atile.
Mighty Angwech follows Angwech`s journey from an unlikely hero to a leader that rallies the village to protect them from a neighbouring threat. Courageous Nakku must choose between her kingdom and her family when her loyalty and courage are tested.
Curious Atile rises to fame because of a marvelous invention that puts her life in danger.


Christine Butegwa is a Ugandan feminist and women’s rights activist. Growing up in a family of avid readers, Christine grew to love fiction books, a love that has stayed to date. Her early childhood and teenage years flew by because she was more likely to be found nose buried in fantasy or adventure books which opened up new worlds for her.
Christine hopes to share her love for Africa through storytelling for young readers to encourage them to reach their full potential. She currently lives in Kampala, Uganda with her husband, three children and a pet dog.

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