Threestone Productions

About Threestone Productions

Threestone Productions is a multimedia content producer and innovation solution company. Our aim is to produce high quality African content that promotes diversity and inclusion through positive storytelling.

Our vision is “To become a world recognized content platform for the best African storytelling targeting children and young adults that promotes cutting edge, inspirational Afroculture, diversity and inclusion.”

Threestone Productions specializes in animation, book publishing, comics, gaming and apps development, audiovisual products, audio production, digital visual effects, graphic animations and software/mobile applications for the Cultural and Creative Industry.

The Team

Our team of Producers, Writers, Animators, Designers, 3D & digital artists, programmers, and illustrators develop innovative and intuitive products and solutions for our clients and customer base.


We partner with Publishing houses, Community libraries, Educational institutions, Writing bodies and associations, Research institutions, Broadcasting and Streaming services, Non-profit organisations, Development agencies and Donor agencies.

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